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Kristin M. Banasick, of The Law Office of Kristin M. Banasick in Connellsville, PA, is a highly qualified, experienced and accomplished Legal professional serving in both the private and public sectors in the general practice of law in state and federal courts,

Legal Qualifications

  • Started and built a successful general practice of law in state and federal courts. Rapidly secured and maintained a solid client base through repeat business, word-of-mouth, referrals, exemplary reputation within the community and commitment to public services as Solicitor and Assistant Public Defender. Managed all aspects of practice including administration, budgeting, finance and HR.
  • Admitted to practice before the federal courts. Strong knowledge of and experience with federal procedural rules and federal mandatory mediations program.
  • Represented citizen in a ten-year landmark civil rights action, Lake v. Arnold, resulting in two published Federal Reporter opinions and change in civil rights law with mentally retarded now recognized as a targeted class of people afforded protection under the federal civil rights statutes.
  • Handled numerous private and court appointed criminal matters, with thirty-plus (30+) criminal jury trials and numerous jury and non-jury civil trials including wrongful death.
  • Proven practical experience in, and duly admitted to practice before the federal courts.
  • Performed research and wrote legal opinions for review by the Court in various and widely diverse areas of law and procedure, for the Judge's signature.
Kristin M. Banasick's core competencies include: General Law Practice, Appellate Practice, served in Judicial Court as a Law Clerk, handling Civil Rights Case, setting up and building a successful practice, writing Legal
Opinions, serving as a Public Defender and Federal Court Practice.

Ms. Banasick holds a Juris Doctor from West Virginia University College of Law, and a B.A.in German with a minor in Linguistics from West Virginia College of Arts and Sciences. She has a strong foreign language
background (German, Spanish, Russian) and a strong science background (Chemistry, Biology). She is also a member of both the Women's Law Caucus and International Law Society.


J.D. - 1989 West Virginia University

College of Law
1989-1990 - Clerk, West Virginia Supreme

Court of Appeals
1991-1993 - Clerk, Hon. Daniel L. Howsare,

Bedford County Court of Common Pleas
1993-Present - Private Practice in Criminal

Defense, Civil Litigation and Family Law;
Assistant Public Defender (Feb 2002
-October 2002); Solicitor, Southern Cove

Joint Municipal Authority; Bedford

County Solicitor (2000-2001); Solicitor,

Woodbury Borough (2000-2001); President,

Bedford County Bar Association (1996-1997)